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Bressmer & Francke - Imprint / Impressum

Bressmer & Francke (GmbH & Co.) KG
Gutenbergring 37
22848 Norderstedt - Germany

Phone:            +49 (0) 40 890 586 0
Fax:                +49 (0) 40 890 586 99

Principal place of limited partnership: Norderstedt
AG Kiel: HRA-Nr. 5869 Kl
VAT-No.: DE 118907783
General Manager: Dr. Christian Bressmer

General partner:
Bressmer & Co. Handelsgesellschaft mbH
principal place: Norderstedt
AG Kiel: HRB-Nr. 9342 Kl
General Manager: Dr. Christian Bressmer

Responsible for contents: Dr. Christian Bressmer (V.i.S.d. MDStV HH).

All rights reserved. Duplication and distribution of the contents in any form without written consent of company is illegal.

Errors and mistake reserve. All within this web page specified and if necessary by third protected mark and registered trade marks are subject without reservation to the regulations of the valid in each case characteristic right and the possession rights of the respective registered owners.

Adhesion reference

Despite careful contentwise control no adhesion for contents is more externally left taken over. For contents of the linked sides are responsible excluding their operator.

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